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Artwork for Little Nocturne No. 6

Little Nocturne No. 6

This piece is part of a collection of eight compositions dedicated to my piano students. The idea behind this series was to create easy, short, and accessible piano pieces that are pleasant to play and listen to, encouraging students to explore multiple pieces rather than focusing on a single long one.

As a composer, my aim with this series is to evoke feelings typically associated with the night, such as calmness, tranquility, and serenity. The harmony in these pieces is rooted in tonality, but the frequent use of chords with added 6ths, 7ths, 9ths, along with some modal exchanges, adds color to the music, contributing to a relaxing mood.

These pieces also have a pedagogical edge. They are designed to showcase chord triads, broken chords, music sequences, the use of the pedal, and more. Teachers can use these pieces as examples in their lessons.

Most importantly, enjoy playing these pieces. Dive into a calm mood while playing, as they were created with that objective in mind. Simply enjoy them.

As a side note, all of these Little Nocturnes were performed by your truly! You can listen to them in the "Music" section of this website or on in the digital streaming platform of your choice.

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