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Explore the Diverse Facets of His Talent

Gabriel is more than just a musician; he is a versatile composer, educator, pianist, and producer. His work spans from symphonic compositions and concert music to rock, progressive music, and Andean music. Gabriel blends his classical training with contemporary sounds, showcasing his passion and dedication in every aspect of his career. Learn more about every aspect of his musical life below.

Professional artistic photo of Gabriel Iwasaki during a photo session at Tempo, Escuela de Música


Master of Diverse Musical Styles

As a composer, Gabriel delves into a wide array of musical styles. His creativity knows no bounds, ranging from concert music and symphonic compositions to rock themes and Andean music. Gabriel has also composed music for documentaries, demonstrating his ability to adapt to various contexts and emotions with innovative approaches. He has won global competitions and received numerous accolades for his music, being recognized in international circles. Gabriel has also been selected for competitions where no Peruvian had previously been admitted, highlighting his exceptional talent and dedication.

Gabriel Iwasaki performing on keyboard at the Rites of Spring Festival 2018 in Gettysburg, USA


Versatile Performer with Classical Technique

Gabriel enjoys the complexity of performing what he creates. He is a versatile pianist, playing everything from classical to progressive rock. He strives to blend his classical technique with contemporary sounds, constantly pushing the boundaries of his musical expression. Gabriel has performed with various groups live, in international concerts, and in live recordings such as DVDs. He is also the winner of the 2014 Pianoteq Video Contest, a global piano competition.



Bringing Music to Life

Gabriel Iwasaki grew up listening to a variety of musicians and genres that have greatly influenced his unique sound. His professional musical training has not only allowed him to excel as a musician but also as a producer, earning credits on notable productions. However, his true passion lies in producing his own music, driven by a relentless pursuit to capture the exact sound he envisions in his mind.

For Gabriel Iwasaki, music is more than just a way to release energy – it's a way of life. Browse the site to learn more about how you can collaborate.

Gabriel Iwasaki in his Studio during a photo session for Caretas magazine, 2019
Sheet Music


Inspiring the Next Generation of Musicians

As an educator, Gabriel teaches at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and at Tempo Music School. He specializes in piano and composition, sharing his extensive knowledge and passion for music with his students, inspiring the next generation of musicians. Additionally, Gabriel offers personalized online classes when his schedule allows.

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