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First pague of the Conductor's Score of my piece "A Story of Two"

A Story of Two, for Solo Piano and Violoncello (Score & Parts)

“A Story of Two” is a composition based around the idea of romantic illusion and disillusionment. It is thought to tell a wordless love story through music.

The piece is divided in three sections: I. Illusion, II. Disillusionment and III. Resolution.

Each section’s character and mood is defined by its title. The first section is in D major and introduces the “Love Theme”. The harmony is fairly simple and diatonic. The second section goes to D minor, introducing the “Love Theme” but in a minor key, symbolizing disillusionment. The harmony becomes more changing and it has an overall dark character.

Finally, the Resolution section is harmonically more ambiguous, featuring a lot of suspended chords, which serve to alternate constantly between D major and D minor. This seeks to portray the idea of a couple not knowing where to go after a particular incident.

This idea is further enhanced by the tempo being very rubato and almost freely, as well as the use of odd time signatures, which do not let the down beat be felt where it usually would be. Overall, this last section is rhythmically somewhat ambiguous.

I wrote this piece while in my first year of studying music composition and have released it on my debut album “The Journey of Life” (2015). However, since then, the piece evolved with every performance I had, so I later revisited it and released it once again in my first symphonic album “The Sounds of Adventure”. This particular version is the updated and revisited version of the composition.

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