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Away from You, for Piano and Violoncello (Score & Parts)

Away from You, for Piano and Violoncello (Score & Parts)

“Away from You” was composed in early 2020 during the quarantine lockdown because of COVID-19. The piece seeks to portray the frustration and impotence of being in isolation, forced to be away from from those who we love.

My main inspiration for this composition was not being able to see my little Son, Samuel, who lives fairly close to my house, during this first mandatory quarantine period. The impotence of being unable to do anything about this health crisis situation was certainly frustrating and led me to write this composition as a means to deal with this feeling.

The music is fairly nostalgic, melancholic and starts moderately calmly. The middle section is more angry and frustrated, just like when the quarantine period gets extended over and over again. The climax of the piece is thought to be almost like a scream of impotence (where the Violoncello Cadenza starts).

The third and last section of the piece is the acceptance of the situation and the realization that this situation will eventually be over at some point.

This composition is the last track of my symphonic album “The Sounds of Adventure” and it also has been made into an Official Videoclip for which I had the privilege of recording it in a historical site in Lima, Peru.

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