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First pague of the Conductor's Score of my piece  "Genesis Universe"

Genesis Universe: Conductor's Score

Written as the first entry of a series of compositions I have named “Cinematic Fantasies for Orchestra”, this piece has been composed for the “Genesis Universe” Comic Book storyline, which is developed and produced by 7 Cats Art Studio. This is a vast Comic Book universe, with a range of different characters, planets, etc. 

Aesthetically, it has been conceived as a composition rooted in tonality, which attemps to evoke a modern, cinematic-like sound with an emphasis on music themes or leitmotifs. The piece’s form is a fantasy in which three distinct sections can be distinguished: Section I (from measure 1 to 113), Section II (from measures 114 to 165) and Section III (from measures 166 to 222).

This composition features 3 themes or leitmotifs from this fantastic universe: the “Genesis Universe Theme”, the “Imperial City Theme” and the “Faction’s Theme”, each one differing in personality.

On one side, the “Genesis Universe Theme” is very triumphal and heroic, set in a fairly fast tempo of 165bpm, while on the other side the “Imperial City Theme” is in a slower 60bpm tempo, with a more calm and peaceful personality attached to it. 


The “Faction’s Theme” evokes a more mysterious and spooky mood, which is set by the moving harmonies of minor thirds. This particular leitmotif is further developed in the Comic Book story line with it its standalone theme track, therefore it is only musically quoted on this piece. 


This orchestral fantasy is thought to be played with a classical-sized orchestra and it is not technically too demanding for the instrumentalists, which makes it effectively easier to perform and sound good for most orchestras at any level.

As a side note, this composition made me the first Peruvian composer ever to classify to the finals of the “International Antonín Dvořák Composition Competition” in 2018, for which I had the opportunity to travel to Prague, Czech Republic to compete writing new music. There I wrote “From the Old World”, my second Cinematic Fantasy for Orchestra.

Finally, this composition is also featured in my first symphonic album “The Sounds of Adventure”, currently available to listen and purchase on my website as well as in all digital streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.)

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