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GABRIEL IWASAKI performing live at Club Terrazas, Lima, Peru, 2019

Private Online Lessons

As a profesional composer and pianist with 13 years of teaching experience and a full-time dedication to music, my goal is to share my knowledge and help others achieve their musical goals.



- For beginners to advanced students

- Interpretation techniques

- Development of technical and expressive skills

- Classical and contemporary repertoire


- Fundamentals of music theory

- Harmony and counterpoint

- Analysis of musical works

- Preparation for exams and certifications


- Composition of original pieces

- Techniques in classical and contemporary composition

- Development of personal style

- Work on specific projects (songs, soundtracks, etc.)


- Orchestration techniques for different genres

- Arranging for ensembles and orchestras

- Use of music notation software

- Analysis and transcription of orchestral works


My teaching method is personalized and adapted to the needs and goals of each student. I believe in continuous learning and the importance of a solid foundation, combined with creativity and experimentation. I use a mix of traditional and modern techniques to ensure comprehensive development of musical skills.


- Experience: Over a decade of teaching and professional musical practice.

- Passion: I live and breathe music, and that passion reflects in my teaching.

- Adaptability: Personalized lessons tailored to your level and goals.

- Continuous Growth: I am always learning

and updating my knowledge to offer you the best.

If you want to learn music the way I did and discover the transformative power of music, these lessons are for you! Together, we can achieve your musical goals and enjoy the wonderful journey of musical learning.

For more information or to enroll, click on the button below.

I look forward to see you!

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