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"The Sound of Adventure" - Orchestral Score + Audio Track

"The Sound of Adventure" - Orchestral Score + Audio Track

Composed in the historical Conservatory of Prague, Czech Republic, “The Sound of Adventure” was composed and orchestrated in 4 days for the finals of the 2019 “International Antonín Dvořák Composition Competition”.

It is written as an homage to the musical legacy of this legendary Czech composer as it has been based around the closing theme of the Exposition section of the 1st Movement of Dvořák’s famous 9th Symphony “From the New World”. This theme has been the source of inspiration for this piece as it can be heard in minor key, not only in the introduction, but also musically quoted throughout the composition.

This piece ranges sonically from epic, cinematic and adventurous-like, to really soft, expressive and melodic. It also features a constant use and change of odd-time signatures, which further enhance the adventure-like character of the piece.

My aim as a composer is to portray what an "Adventure" would sound like, hence its title, inviting the listener to dive into an epic musical adventure.

Written as the fourth entry of a series of compositions I have named “Cinematic Fantasies for Orchestra”, this piece ended up giving my first symphonic album its title:

“The Sounds of Adventure”, an album featuring original music of the same style.

When purchasing the Orchestral Score, you will receive an audio file of the piece.

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