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Artwork for my album "The Sounds of Adventure" (2020)

"The Sounds of Adventure" (Full Album)

"The Sounds of Adventure" is my first full orchestral album.

This album features my best original symphonic works to date, written in between Lima, Perú and Prague, Czech Republic. 

This orchestral production invites the listener to dive into a symphonic Adventure,  filled with epic and cinematic-like sounding music, which will probably remind you of your favorite movie soundtracks.

One of my aims with this record has been to bring a classical experience in a language most people can understand and enjoy. 

The album also contains a few original compositions for piano and violoncello, featuring the amazingly talented peruvian cello player Ghislaine Valdivia.  I also had the privilege of having internationally acclaimed flute player Checho Cuadros for this record.

Music composed, orchestrated and produced by Gabriel Iwasaki.

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