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Theme for Samuel - Orchestral Score + Audio File

Theme for Samuel - Orchestral Score + Audio File

This composition is dedicated to my son Samuel, who is my biggest source of inspiration in the world.


My aim with this composition is to portray what a parent feels like when holding his/her child. The sweetness, intimacy and pure love one feels as a parent is almost impossible to put it in simple words. Therefore, I tried to express this feeling with music.

As a composer, I have tried to make this particular composition enjoyable to any listener at any age. The melody and harmony are relatively simple to understand and the length of the piece has been kept short, especially when compared to my other longer orchestral works. In this case, the form is very straightforward and easily digestible.


Also, the instrumentation has carefully been thought out to enhance the idea of this piece being dedicated to a baby.  The glockenspiel, symbolizing the infancy of a child, carries the main melody at the beginning and this theme later goes to the flute and the oboe, which are very intimate sounding instruments, appropriate for the idea they are trying to portray. The orchestration gets progressively thicker and bigger until the big tutti near the end, almost like doing a parallel of the growth of a child.

The piece ends similarly as it began, symbolizing how a parent would never stop loving his/her child even after they have grown.

Aesthetically, this piece draws inspiration from movie soundtracks and the Film Score genre, which will probably remind the listener of their favorite soundtracks.

Finally, this composition is also featured in my first symphonic album “The Sounds of Adventure”, currently available to listen and purchase on my website as well as in all digital streaming platforms.

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